Virtual Delivery // Objectives

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Prepare managers in their roles as great leaders;
  • Provide managers with the essential ingredients of the 7 Wonders of Great LeadersTM;
  • Build specific skills related to each Wonder;
  • Assess managers against the application of essential concepts and skills to become a great leader;
  • Discover the powerful combination of Management and Leadership;
  • Experience how to put Management and Leadership tools into practice;
  • Understand and combine wisely the essential people and process skills;
  • Share experience and situations.

The 7 Wonders of Great Leaders™ provides participants with the essential following competences and concepts:

  • Combine Leadership and Management Skills and when are those skills needed and for which purpose;
  • Learn how to listen actively and make a point with assertiveness;
  • Construct a clear Vision for their zone of influence;
  • Build tools for being in direct contact with the business and understand it;
  • Understand the concept of Added Value Work and how to maximize it;
  • Integrate People and Process aspect of the business in the day to day life;
  • Practice and assess the potential for Innovation;
  • Discover the secrets of motivation and what people look in their job;
  • Develop strategies for making people passionate about their jobs;
  • …and much more.