Quotient questionnaire


1 = Not at all  |  2 = A little bit only  |  3 = Fair  |  4 = More than less  |  5 = Absolutely

How wisely and daily do you connect and combine your Leadership behaviors with your Management structure ?

How do you cascade the Strategy (Vision - Mission - Values) to all people in your organization (Suppliers, Customers and Stakeholders included) ?

How precisely do you know what your people need to accomplish their work ?

How precisely do you know what your customers really want & need ?

How precisely do you know how your organization is performing ?

How specifically do you build your Vital Few Indicators ?

How far do you master how your organization is operating ?

How clearly do you obtain a visual picture of Supplier - Input - Process - Output – Customer (SIPOC) ?

How wisely do you integrate Innovation in your Culture ?

How specifically do you create an engaging workplace for all people in your organization ?

How clearly do you make all people understand what the value is of their work ?

How specifically do you know whatreally motivates each individual to come work every day in your organization ?