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1. Fill in Name, First Name, Company, Title, E-mail and Evaluated Leader's Name;*

2. For each statement, choose the most appropriate rating representing your current situation;

1 = Not at all  |  2 = A little bit only  |  3 = Fair  |  4 = More than less  |  5 = Absolutely

3. Click on "submit" at the bottom of the page.

Purpose & Confidentiality

The purpose of this questionnaire is to diagnose the leader against the 7 Wonders. The questionnaire is made of 21 statements to be rated from 1 to 5. The report that will be made available to the leader will allow him/her to see where he/she believes he/she is good at and which topic will require further development. A comparison with the average view of all team members making part of this 180° will also be provided..

The report made available to the evaluated leader is confidential and will be provided to that leader only. No one else will have access to the information contained in that report without prior written agreement of the evaluated leader. All answers from team members are shown as averages and standard deviations without any names. Individual answers are provided for detailed analysis and shown as "Respondent 1", "Respondent 2", etc…

Name*:       First Name*:
Title*:       Company*:
E-mail*:       Evaluated Leader's Name*:      

In the following statements:
  • "My leader" refers as to the leader taking part of this 180° feedback
  • "The Organization" refers as the group of people this leader is responsible for.
    You make part of that Organization.

1 = Not at all  |  2 = A little bit only  |  3 = Fair  |  4 = More than less  |  5 = Absolutely

1. My leader yearly evaluates the team regarding the type of business we are in and how well we fulfill that purpose.

2. My leader makes certain that the team understands the Vision, the Mission and the Values.

3. My leader makes certain that the team has clear objectives and knows how it fits in the company Mission.

4. In a conversation, my leader pays attention when needed to listen actively.

5. In a conversation, my leader pays attention when needed to make a point very clearly.

6. My leader understands the basic emotion that people may have at work and how they are expressed in behaviors.

7. In my role, I have a clear dashboard providing me a complete view of the state of my business.

8. In our team, everyone knows clearly what their responsibilities are and what others do as well.

9. In our team, we have a formal identification of knowledge development needs and related solutions.

10. In our team, major processes are duly documented and owned by someone.

11. In our team, everything we do is driven by the creation of value for clients.

12. In our team, we have a formal improvement of work methodology that everyone can apply.

13. In our team, we have an effective system for capturing, cataloging and acknowledging new ideas and suggestions.

14. In our team, we have opportunities to work with and learn from people in other departments.

15. My leader provides encouragement, infrastructure, resources and support to make innovation happen.

16. My leader knows what motivates me to come to work and my leader tries to respond to those expectations.

17. My leader regularly provides positive feedback and celebrates successes.

18. In our team, we work hard and we can play hard as well.

19. In our team, the turnover is lower than the industry average.

20. My leader can count on the people in the team, if special supplementary efforts would be needed.

21. The ambiance of work is relax and stress-less.


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